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SCI Papers

Posted by cinsdikici on December 3, 2011

SCI Papers

Dagdeviren Z.A., Aydin D., Cinsdikici M., 2017, “Two Population-based Optimization Algorithms for Minimum Weight Connected Dominating Set Problem”, Applied Soft Computing, vol:49, pp:644-658, DOI:

Oğuz K., Cinsdikici M., Gönül A.S., 2017,
“Robust Activation Detection Methods for Real-Time and Offline fMRI Analysis”, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, vol: 144, pp:1-11 DOI:,  WOS:000402214800002

Dagdeviren Z., Oğuz K., Cinsdikici, M., 2013, ‘Three techniques for automatic extraction of corpus callosum in structural midsagittal brain MR images: Valley Matching, Evolutionary Corpus Callosum Detection and Hybrid method’ – Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence [ISSN 0952-1976],   DOI:

Meta, S., Cinsdikici, M., 2010, ‘Vehicle-Classification Algorithm Based on Component Analysis for Single-Loop Inductive Detector’ – IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (ISI) , 2795-2805 pp., DOI:

Cinsdikici M., Memis K., 2010, ‘Traffic Flow Condition Classification for Short Sections using Single Microwave Sensor’, – EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing (ISI) , 13 pp., DOI:

Ugur, A., Korukoglu, S., ?aliskan, A., Cinsdikici, M., Alp, A., 2009, ‘Genetic Algorithm Based Solution for TSP on Sphere’, Mathematical & Computational Applications, Vol:14, No:3, pp:219-228

Cinsdikici M., Dogan A., 2009, ‘Detection of blood vessels in ophthalmoscope images using MF/ant (matched filter/ant colony) algorithm’, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, – vol:96 (2), pp:85-95, doi:

Cinsdikici, M., Ugur, A. and Tunali,T, 2007, ‘Automatic number plate information extraction and recognition for intelligent transportation system’, Imaging Science Journal The, Vol. 55, no.2, pp.102-113 – doi:

Karlik B., Uzam M., Cinsdikici M. and Jones A.H., 2005, ‘Neurovision-based logic control of an experimental manufacturing plant using neural net le-net5 and automation Petri nets’ – ,Int. Journal of Manufacturing, Vol.16, Numbers 4-5, pp. 527 – 548, doi:

Cinsdikici, M. and Tunali, T., 2003, ?License Plate Segmentation for Intelligent Transportation Systems?, Proceedings of the 18th International Symposium – on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS?04) , Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences, Springer-Verlag, Vol 2869, pp. 439-446.

Other Journals

Kurt M., Cinsdikici M., “Representing BRDFs using SOMs and MANs”,ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics, Volume 42 , Issue 3, id:2, 2008 ISSN:0097-8930

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