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UBI 544 – Distributed Systems

Posted by cinsdikici on February 3, 2013

Course Time:

Wednesday, 09:30-12:00


UBE, Room 103


Assoc.Prof.Dr.Muhammed G. Cinsdikici,

Office Hours:

Wednesday, 13.30-15.30

Office Phone:



Elif Acar Haytaoglu,

Office Phone:




Overview of Operating Systems, Process Synchronization and Deadlocks, Threads and Thread Synchronization, Synchronization In Distributed Systems, Management of Time: Logical Clocks, Vector Clocks, Global States, Termination Detection. Distributed Mutual Exclusion: Central Algorithms, Lamport’s Distributed Algorithm, Token Based and Heuristic Algorithms. Distributed Deadlock Detection: Centralized and Distributed Algorithms, Election Algorithms, Agreement Protocols : Byzantine Agreement, Dynamic Scheduling in Distributed Systems, Static Scheduling in Distributed Systems, Distributed File Systems, Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems, Distributed Real-Time Systems.


Operating Systems and Network Programing graduate/undergraduate level.


1.** Advanced Concepts in Operating System, Mukesh Singhall and Niranjan Shivaratri, McGraw-Hill, 1994.2.** Distributed Computing: Principles, Algorithms, and Systems, Ajay D. Kshemkalyani, Chicago Mukesh Singhal, Cambridge Press, 2008, ISBN-13: 97805218763463.* Distributed Systems: Principles and Paradigms 2/E, Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Maarten van Steen, Prentice-Hall, 20084. Advanced .Net Remoting (C# Edition), Ingo Rammer & Mario Szpuszta, Apress, 2001.

5. InterProcess Communications in LINUX, John Shapley Gray, Prentice Hall, 2003

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All Projects are due at the beginning of class. Due dates for projects will be announced at least a week ahead of time. No late submission will be accepted!.


Students will have one final exam. Students will be tested on all material covered from lectures and text. Exams will test student’s ability of solving problems and understanding of concepts.


 %15 Hmwrks + %15 Final Project + %30 MidTerm Exam + %40 Final Exam

Late Submission:

Late submission of projects will not be accepted.

Course Topics:

Lectures: Lecture01 – Introduction / Definition / Concepts

* Expanded by Paul Barry and Muhammed Cinsdikici chapter 01.ppt

* Tanenbaum Chapter 1-Introduction

* Tanenbaum Chapter 2-Architecture

* Kayhan_Erciye? CS633 03 chapter 1.ppt

* Prof.Dr.Stefan Leue (University of Freiburg)chapter 1.pdf

* Ihor Kuz (Urniversity_of_new_south_wales)chapter1.pdf

Lecture02 – Communication

* Cisco Systems OSI Model Presentation

* Expanded by Paul Barry and Muhammed Cinsdikici chapter 02.ppt

* Tanenbaum Chapter 4-Communication

* Prof.Dr.Stefan Leue (University of Freiburg)chapter 2.pdf

* Ihor Kuz (Urniversity_of_new_south_wales)chapter2.pdf

* Muhammed Cinsdikici MPI-Programming-Presentation.ppt

Lecture03 – Processes / Threads

* Threads

* Processes,

*Migration (University of Victoria Lecture Notes for Tanenbaum)

* Tanenbaum Chapter 3-Threads

* Expanded by Paul Barry and Muhammed Cinsdikici chapter 03.ppt

Thread Synchronization Sample Codes

Lecture04 – RPC/RMI

* RPC.ppt,

* RPC_Programming.ppt,

* Advanced-Socket Programming.ppt

* Jhon Shapley Gray, “IPC on Linux”, Chapter RPC.

* Geylani-RMI-Presentation.ppt

* Geylani-RMI Sample Codes

Lecture05 – Naming

* Expanded by Paul Barry and Muhammed Cinsdikici chapter 04.ppt

* Tanenbaum Chapter 5-Naming

* Ihor Kuz (Urniversity_of_new_south_wales)chapter11.pdf

Lecture06 – Synchronization

* Expanded by Paul Barry and Muhammed Cinsdikici chapter 05.ppt

* Tanenbaum Chapter 6-Synchronization / Elections / Mutual Exclusion

* Kayhan_Erciye? CS633 03 chapter 4.ppt

* Prof.Dr.Stefan Leue (University of Freiburg)chapter 3.pdf

* Ihor Kuz (Urniversity_of_new_south_wales) Sync-Part I.pdf & Sync-Part II.pdf

* Clocks (University of Victoria Lecture Notes for Tanenbaum)

* Supper-Clocks-Presentation-aos-5.ppt

* Clocks-Presentation-ch2.pdf

* MainClocks.htm

Lecture07 – Election Algorithms / Mutual Exclusion

* Mutual Exclusion-UVA-Comp.Science.pdf

* Tanenbaum Chapter 6-Synchronization / Elections / Mutual Exclusion

* Daniel Manasce-Sync in Dis.Systems.pdf

* Andrew Tanenbaum-7/e . chapter 06.ppt

* A Toolkit for the Simulation of Distributed Algorithms in Java.html

Lecture08 – Distributed Deadlock

* Distributed Deadlock

* Deadlocks in Distributed Systems

* Chandy-Misra-Haar’s Distributed Deadlock Detection

* Distributed DBMS Advanced Topics

Lecture09 – Agreement Protocols

* Agreement Protocols

* Byzantine Generals

* Consensus Concepts

Lecture10 –Fault Tolerance


Projects / Assignments:

Assignment 01 – Assignment#0Assignment 02 – Assignment#1Assignment 03 – Assignment#2Assignment 04 – Assignment#3Assignment 05 – Assignment#4Final Project – FINAL PROJECT

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