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Retina Image Enhancement

Retina Image Analysis

Posted by cinsdikici on December 3, 2011

Under this topic, my student Cemre Candemir(PhD) is currently working.
The work is based on our paper ( doi:10.1016/j.cmpb.2009.04.005 ).

The paper mentioned above (published in 2009), mainly focused on new algorithm. This algorithm is hybrid approach of Matched Filtering and Ant Colony Optimization methods.
This approach was new approach on Retina Image analysis. Although the performance obtained in the work is not satisfying, the method is a contribution presenting novelty
in the area.

Now, we are trying to increase our success on performance through new works developed by my students.

We are going to give the necessary materials for whom studying the same subject here…

1. The Database:
As you know, the work should be compared with other works by using standard set of images (i.e. Image Database).
We are using DRIVE database. Here you find the database:

2. Matlab:
We are using Licensed version of Matlab 2011a with Image Processing Toolbox and Statistical Toolbox. Trying to watch the Mathwork’s Forums/Exchange Services.

3. Neural Network tools:
They are developed on Matlab as our custom code. Because, you know, model requires some tunable parameters. So the code should be

4. Software Development Platforms:
Visiual Studio 2010 is used for other coding. We are member of Microsoft Academic Alliance. So, all development can be done on the licensed softwares.
But you can also use

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