Cinsdikici's Diary

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Muhammed Cinsdikici

MRI Analysis

Posted by cinsdikici on December 3, 2011

This my new topic studying with my students Kaya Oğuz (PhD) and Züleyha Akusta (PhD).
The topic is selected by most valuable person Prof.Dr.Ali Saffet Gonul.

If we are going to pass some stages, we are going to share some valuable information
for the researchers here.

The early stages include;

1. 3 Tesla MR Device.
This device has many abilities to capture T1/T2 images, DIT functionalities etc.
The data is gathered by using this device.

2. Matlab 2010a.
We are using Licensed version of Matlab 2011a with Image Processing Toolbox and Statistical Toolbox.
Trying to watch the Mathwork’s Forums/Exchange Services.

The other valuable information is going to be given step by step under the circumstances of the development and sharing conditions.

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